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Resuming downloads with the Microsoft download manager

by on Jan.08, 2015, under Windows


this seems to be a not-so-common situation, but imagine you have initiated a large download (a multitude of GBs ISOs from MSDN) and your download interrupted.

Or windows updates restarted the PC while you were having a cup’o’tea …

You are now asking yourself the question “How can I resume my downloads” ?

If you have noticed that you are indeed using the Microsoft File Transfer Manager (sometimes masked as Akamai technologies download tool or similar), then you will end up here on my blog looking for a solution.

If this window looks familiar, then read below:

Microsoft File Transfer Manager

1. Open Run

The Icon looks like this:


Vista+Win7+Win8: click “start” and just type “run”

XP: Press start and look for the right hand side option “run”

2. Type this:

c:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\TransferMgr.exe

3. Find the program, go to Options and select “place a shortcut on the desktop”


The problem is, this tool is around since 2006 and in 2006 user experience was not a high priority (for some programs it is not today as well…).

So I hope this helped 🙂

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